Bikolinah Car Hire will make every effort to ensure our clients are in no way delayed in reaching their final destination, however we cannot accept liability for the affects of road, weather, traffic congestion, flight and rail delays, and other conditions beyond our control and shall not be liable for any damages, loss, inconvenience or cost of such delays. Bikolinah accepts no liability in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to persons or property arising out of any act, omission or negligence of the booking agents, tour, rail and airline operators, save only in the case of negligence or willful act or omission on the part of our staff. All Hourly bookings are booked with our drivers with no extra charge.


Booking Cancellation

If the passenger(s) decide to cancel the booking for whatever reason, Bikolinah Car Hire is obliged to retain cancellation fees we are not notified within 48hrs for a day booking. Longterm booking cancellation requires 7day prior notice, failure to which the client accepts to forfeit 20% of the amount.

Airport Waiting Period

Bikolinah Car Hire allows for 1 hour waiting time for our drivers after the arrival of the aircraft has arrived. Our drivers have been instructed to leave after the prescribed waiting period, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Safety Concerns

Bikolinah Car Hire reserves the right to refuse to undertake the conveyance of or the continued conveyance of any passenger(s) that are deemed to pose a safety concern to themselves of the staff of BCH.

Luggage Care

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they have removed all their personal belongings from our vehicles once they reach their destination. Bikolinah Car Hire will not be held liable for any loss or damage to luggage, hand luggage or personal effects, save for negligence on the part of our staff.

Overnight Driver

Overnight stay will attract an extra charge of K300 for the driver on long trips

Client Responsibility

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all the details (pick-up and drop-off address, dates, etc.) on the booking confirmation are correct

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